Education or Hobby : What is Important
February 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

This is my 1st Blog. Let’s start

We are told that education is most important thing in life. I also agree with this statement. I am sure this is first statement which is common in everyone’s life.

I also experienced that practically, education is only important thing in life.

Let’s explore the second statement in detail ‘Is education only important thing in life.’

Since my childhood, my near and dear ones such as parents, brother, teachers, principal, etc use to quote the first statement and always guide me to study. In school day , pressure was given everyday so that I should clear atleast primary classes. Luckily, I passed all classes and promoted to 10th class. Classes of 10th class started and at the same moment I was given pressure every hour every minute to study ,to work hard so as to score outstanding marks. It was really a time when I got scolded by everyone due to studies. It seems like I became a puppet of everyone who has to perform at any cost. I was lucky to have intelligent and cooperative brother. He realized my tension. He started marking important questions and started giving me tips of solving these questions.

Finally, the bad days came early when our matric exams were likely to start. That was really a turning point of my life. My brother started reading my books and teaches me only the important ones. I started realizing he became puppet on my behalf. When I reached home after each exam, my brother used to counter question me so as to evaluate my score at home. Inspite of such a wonderful support by my brother, It was bad that I was not able to perform as per his expectations. The worse part was that I know every question of exam and even I was guided many times.

Luckily, the days got over and I passed the exam. Interestingly, my teachers and parents were happier than me.I was not able to connect. It was just like I have won a big battle. Irony was started after 6months after my admission to 10 +1.Now I was grilled about importance of intermediate (10+2)exams. Luckily I passed he exams with good marks because I was studying in a stream which I was having passion. Similarly, pressure was built after my 10+2exams for graduation and after graduation for masters.

The irony of this all is that every youth has been grilled and treated in the same manner. Few of youths have courage to tell their parents about their passion or hobby. Out of these brave youths, very few got permission to select and do as per their will.

Food for thought: Why most of us are not successful or fail in our life inspite of holding big big degress or getting outstanding marks?

Lets discuss in next Blog. Till the time stay healthy and stay blessed!!

Varun Chadha