Before we start discussing on the said topic ,we have heard ‘Man is a social Animal.’ However,we always tend to give importance to ‘Ourself’ in our life. Most of us tend to ignore our society or country as a whole. When we forget everyone around us,we tend to change the above statement to ‘Man is […]

March 20th, 2021

In my last blog, we were confused Why most of us are not successful or fail in our life inspite of holding big big degress or getting outstanding marks? The answer is simple. However, most of us find it difficult to understand. Movies like “Taare Zameen Par” or “3 Idiots” have also answered it to […]

March 20th, 2021

This is my 1st Blog. Let’s start We are told that education is most important thing in life. I also agree with this statement. I am sure this is first statement which is common in everyone’s life. I also experienced that practically, education is only important thing in life. Let’s explore the second statement in detail […]

February 9th, 2021