Emotions or Intelligence : What is important
March 20, 2021 | Uncategorized

Before we start discussing on the said topic ,we have heard ‘Man is a social Animal.’

However,we always tend to give importance to ‘Ourself’ in our life. Most of us tend to ignore our society or country as a whole. When we forget everyone around us,we tend to change the above statement to ‘Man is an Animal’.It means we don’t care about anyone.

Instead, there should be feeling of love, devotion and attachment toward others and to our motherland. In other words, we should always remember that we are citizen of India while taking day to day decisions.

If we start giving credit to the society for our every achievement, this will change our life for good. In this way, our mind is set and we start giving importance to common goals. Thus, we are not afraid and we don’t feel loneliness. This will result is overall success which will enrich our emotional Intelligence which is basically required to live a happy life. Emotional intelligence is ability to understand, use and manage emotions in positive ways to live life and to manage or overcome any stress.

Usually, it is believed that intelligence guarantee success in life. Perhaps intelligence is an important element of success, particularly when it comes to academic achievement. In general, intelligent people do well in studies, earn more money and tend to be healthier. However, most of them tend to be emotionally weak and feel loneliness in life. It is due to fact that Intelligence is not the only determinant of success in life.

Many intelligent people are not successful because they tend to ignore many basic attributes which are necessary in day to day life.

Thus emotional intelligence is also necessary as it helps us to build stronger relationships, handy in achieving career and personal goals.

Therefore, emotional intelligence should also be given importance to achieve overall success in life.

Varun Chadha