Education or Hobby : What is important
March 20, 2021 | Uncategorized

In my last blog, we were confused Why most of us are not successful or fail in our life inspite of holding big big degress or getting outstanding marks?

The answer is simple. However, most of us find it difficult to understand.

Movies like “Taare Zameen Par” or “3 Idiots” have also answered it to a great extent.

Let’s discuss this in detail.

It is good to guide anyone to study as education is important part of life. However, when anyone is pressurize to study, it becomes a big issue. I experience that there is disconnect which starts from this stage. The disconnect is due to fact that those who guide us to study are not able to justify ‘WHY TO STUDY’. If they are able to justify this ‘Why’ according to interest of their child,then it is good start. Best way is ‘Asking or Probing’ from the child rather than telling.In other words,instead of telling child what is to be done or which stream to select, importance should be given to what your child wants to do in life. and thus,select stream accordingly.This selection is done after proper discussion with child. This method is ‘WIN –WIN situation’ for each and everyone. This is just a start of sound relation between parents and their child.

This stage becomes complicated if the child is not interested to study. The best way to deal with this complex situation is taking support of ‘NEUTRAL EXPERT’. There is difference between an Expert and Neutral Expert. Neutral expert is anyone who is not related or linked to child or parent on day to day basis so as to get an unbiased advice.

The expert in this process is Career Counselor who will look into the matter and will guide based on inputs. Many times, the situation becomes more complicated even after involving career counselor. Many times, parents involve career counselor just to satisfy their child. They tend to influence Counselor.They usually pressurize councelor to give  advice whatever is told to them by parents earlier.Thus,the parents wants to take decision whatever they have already made before involving experts.Thus; this whole exercise goes for a toss in most of cases. Such youths are always confused in their life and caanot able to do much for themselves or society.

Due to this fact, we always lack youths who represent our country in different sports or other fields..      

Parents are required to take rational decision otherwise they have to pay the price.

Thanks for reading,stay healthy and stay blessed.

Varun Chadha